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by | Feb 10, 2023 | British Citizenship, Naturalisation, UK Immigration

The Nationality and Border Act 2022, introduced on June 28, 2022, has simplified the process of obtaining British citizenship for EU nationals. Under the previous regulations, EU nationals who were economically inactive and applying for British citizenship had to prove that they held Comprehensive Sickness Insurance (CSI) to show that they lived in the UK. Their citizenship application could have been rejected if they didn’t have CSI.

However, with the introduction of the new law, EU nationals who applied for British citizenship before June 28, 2022, will have their applications reviewed using the new regulations. The Home Office will consider alternative forms of proof of lawful residence, such as EUSS Settled Status or Indefinite Leave to Remain, without needing additional evidence like CSI. This means that EU and EEA nationals will no longer need to provide evidence of Comprehensive Sickness Insurance to prove their continuous and lawful residence in the UK for the purpose of British citizenship.

Comprehensive Sickness Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the cost of healthcare in the UK. It may include private health insurance or proof that the applicant was covered by a reciprocal agreement between their home country and the UK. Before the changes to the Nationality and Border Act 2022, EU and EEA nationals who were economically inactive, such as students and job seekers, had to show that they held CSI to demonstrate their continuous residence in the UK after Brexit.

The changes to the Nationality and Border Act 2022 have made it easier for EU and EEA nationals to apply for British citizenship. They no longer need to prove that they held Comprehensive Sickness Insurance, and the Home Office will consider alternative forms of proof of lawful residence.

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