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Comprehensive assistance with PAN application preparation, ensuring adherence to guidelines in curating your documentary portfolio. Guiding you through the official online application process via the Depositary, as well as correctly submitting your physical application to India.

Expertise & Guidance

Our UK-based company offers remote services to clients worldwide, providing effective solutions that minimize errors and delays in the process. Proven to be an effective solution for a number of individuals applying for PAN. Remember your PAN is valid for life.

Reliability & Trust

Making expertise for your Indian matters more accessible. We help you eliminate some of the guesswork involved in applying from abroad. Foreign Citizens may require PAN for, Indian Property matters, Financial matters and Indian legal requirements. E-PAN & Physical PAN Card.

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Struggling to apply for PAN? Perhaps we can help, begin today, work with us from any location.


  • Ensure that Whytecroft Ford service aligns with your specific needs and requirements;
  • You are eligible to apply inline with the official guidelines
  • Foreign Citizen, and/or Person of Indian Origin, OCI
  • Never held a Permanent Account Number
  • Require PAN Card for Indian matters
  • Need application assistance

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“Excellent” Trustpilot & Google

“Excellent Service. “

E-Guide PDF for application of New PAN Foreign Citizen applying from outside India.



New PAN E-Guide Assistance

Dr Vi N, London

I found Whytecroft Ford on Google search. I wanted to apply for PAN card with as little bureaucratic hassle as possible and came across this company with good reviews. I opted for the full service. I would definitely use and recommend the company in future for similar dealings with Indian Authorities

New PAN Application Assistance

Mr Patel, London

I engaged Whytecroft Ford to assist on the matter. Looking for a pain-free approach to updating my personal details with Tax Information and Services, Whytecroft Ford provided clear guidance and direction to ensure an issue-free outcome. “

Existing PAN Card Assistance

Mr. Mandrekar, United Kingdom

"Clearly had a great deal of experience"

I recommend Whytecroft Ford unreservedly because applications for both the cards are time consuming and very easy to make mistakes, which delays the process and will be costly if questions are incorrectly answered and the correct documents are not submitted.

New PAN Application Assistance

Mrs. PL Marder, London, 2023

"I would recommend this legal firm to anyone"

I am highly impressed with Whytecroft Ford and I would recommend this legal firm to anyone based on my own experience. A world class company offering world class advice and counsel.

New PAN Application Assistance

Mr. A Karim, London, 2023

"Knowledgeable and helpful"

Knowledgeable and helpful, responsive and dealt with all queries promptly.

New PAN Application Assistance

DR. A Thallon, London, 2023

“When a PAN (Permanent Account Number) may be required?”

PAN Card For Foreign Citizen
PAN Card For Foreign Citizen
PAN Card For Foreign Citizen
PAN Card For Foreign Citizen

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a non-Indian passport holder. Can you assist me in applying for PAN?

Yes, our application assistance services are specifically for foreign citizens that need some help with their application.

Can I use your services from any country?

Yes, our application assistance services are specifically for foreign citizens. Our offices can work with you remotely from most locations.

I am not sure on some areas of the application. Which service can I use?

If you prefer 1-2-1 application assistance, then our Full Assistance may be better.

I'm not sure about my supporting documents. Can you help?

Yes, select from one of our service options and we can assist. Alternatively, you may wish to take our application checking service.

How long will it take for my PAN to be allotted?

This depends. However, once your application has been submitted and received by the depositary in India, it can take between 10-15 days to for your PAN to be allotted by Income Tax Department Government of India. You will receive your E-PAN during this time where opted. 

I need more than one application for myself & family members. Can your provide assistance?

Yes, please select from one of the service levels available. Where you require more than 4 applications please email us.

Can you assist with Company PAN Card?

Our services are only for Individuals. However, feel free to email us.

Do I have to use your services to apply for PAN?

No. Our application assistance services complement the existing process. We provide options if you require help applying at your convenience from outisde of India.

An application can be made with one of the  depositary’s directly, as advised by or from within India.

I am a Foreign Citizen & I need to have my PAN details updated. Can you help?

Yes, we have a service for existing PAN – application to update.


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