Application Checking Service

Navigating the complexities of immigration applications can be daunting.

Ensure your peace of mind by having your application meticulously reviewed by an experienced immigration adviser with our Application Checking Service.

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What our clients say

Navigating UK immigration laws is intricate, and the constantly evolving procedures can pose challenges for applicants.

Errors in your application could result in rejection or prolonged delays. That’s why we provide expert guidance, meticulously reviewing your application and supporting documents. This ensures accuracy, significantly enhancing the likelihood of a successful visa application. Our timely advice streamlines the processing, saving you valuable time.

Our Application Checking Service offers a cost-effective and dependable solution, sparing you from the complexities involved. It’s a reliable way to ensure accuracy and efficiency throughout the application process.

What’s included in the Application Checking Service?

We will check your UK immigration application  for mistakes that may otherwise lead to a refusal due to errors, this will include:


  • Examination of your online application for accuracy.
  • Detailed scrutiny of supporting documentation to meet application criteria.
  • Verification of document formats as per Home Office requirements.
  • Personalized guidance on compiling your evidence portfolio based on your circumstances.
  • Addressing concerns that could impact your application.
  • Recommendations to enhance your application.
  • Ongoing general support throughout the process.

What to expect from our Application Checking Service?

UK immigration can be complex and confusing, but Whytecroft Ford’s application checking service can help simplify things. We provide:

  • A dedicated and experienced immigration adviser will review your application form and recommend changes if you have made any mistakes.
  • Your adviser will check that your supporting documentation meets the Home Office criteria for your category.
  • If you are missing any documents or have included incorrect documents then feedback and suggestions will be given accordingly.
  • Provide you with actionable advice and to-do’s for your application and documents to maximise the likelihood of a successful application.
  • Answer any concerns relevant to your application.

Professional Application Checking Service for UK Immigration Applications

The Application Checking Service is a UK visa-checking service that helps you make sure your immigration application is complete and accurate before you submit it. With this service, you can know that a qualified and experienced professional immigration adviser has reviewed your application.

Our team member will review your application and provide you with feedback on whether or not it meets the requirements for approval. We’ll let you know if we find any errors or omissions so you can make the necessary corrections.

In addition to checking for accuracy, we’ll also guide you on improving your chances of success. We’ll advise you on what to include in your application and help you understand the process to avoid common mistakes.

With our Application Checking Service, you can be confident that your visa application has the best chance of success as we offer to check services for most Immigration Applications, such as

  • British Citizenship by Naturalisation
  • British Citizenship by Marriage
  • British Citizenship by Birth
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain as a Spouse
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain as a Skilled Worker
  • Spouse Visa
  • Spouse Visa Extension
  • Visitor Visa
  • Child Dependent Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Skilled Worker Visa.

How does the Application Checking Service work?

Step 1: Opt-in online

Fill in our online form and make a secure payment with any credit or debit card. Upon payment confirmation, we’ll initiate the process and reach out to you.

Step 2: Document Submission

Upload your draft application form and supporting documents via our secure portal. Feel free to include any inquiries or concerns; we’ll address them in our feedback.

Step 3: Thorough Application Review

An experienced immigration adviser will meticulously assess your application and documents. We’ll ensure alignment with the pertinent rules and legal criteria.

Step 4: Comprehensive Feedback

Expect detailed written feedback within five working days. This will outline any necessary corrections or amendments crucial for optimizing your application’s success.


Begin the Application Checking Service for your Immigration application


Complete our online form and pay securely online to begin the process


We send you a secure link for your application and supporting documents


Receive detailed written  feedback on your application via email

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Immigration Application Checking Service cost?

The service begins at £400 onwards. This may vary based on the complexity of the application.

Do I have to pay for anything else?

There are no hidden costs. You pay a fixed fee for this service.

Do you review new documents after giving feedback?

The checking service entails a thorough and comprehensive review of the documents provided at the outset. 

What If I require further assistance?

The feedback you will receive with our Application Checking Service will be comprehensive and detailed. However, if you feel that you require further assistance you may opt for our Full Representation Service. 

What if I have any questions after receiving feedback from my adviser?

Although your dedicated adviser will provide comprehensive feedback, we understand that you may have questions or concerns after receiving your feedback. In this case, we will be happy to answer general enquiries regarding the feedback via email.

Does this service guarantee my immigration application will be granted?

No, although we will check your application and documents to the best of our ability as per the guidance of law, we cannot guarantee an outcome for any immigration application as the decision lies with the Home Office.

What if I am in-eligible for the category I am applying for?

We trust our clients have a certain level of confidence that they are eligible for a particular category when applying for a visa.
However, if eligibility cannot be established in the initial free consultation of 15 mins, then a further review will take place based on the documentation provided. For example, if there are more than one applicants. In case you or any individual (e.g. a partner or dependant) applying with you are not eligible we will inform you accordingly.

Why choose Whytecroft Ford for your Immigration application?

Free 15-Minute Assessment

We offer a 15 minutes free immigration advice UK session to assess your eligibility for an immigration application. We can then advise you on the best course of action.

No Hidden Charges & Fixed Fees

We will clearly outline all fees associated with your application so that you can make an informed decision. There are no surprises during the application process.

Customer Satisfaction

Whytecroft Ford is a distinguished immigration firm with a longstanding reputation for delivering exceptional services. Our client-focused approach consistently garners positive reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot and Google. 

OISC Approved

We are regulated to a high service standard by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, UK, assuring our clients that we offer a quality service.

Secure Remote Services

We leverage secure technology to handle your UK immigration application, enabling you to conveniently engage with our team from the comfort of your home.

Experienced Professionals

Our primary objective is to provide trustworthy and transparent guidance on immigration, leveraging our extensive experience gained over the years.

How can Whytecroft Ford help you?

For expert UK Immigration guidance, our professional team provides tailored assessments with no obligations. We specialize in personalized advice, designed to suit your situation.

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