Can I travel after applying for UK citizenship?

by | May 19, 2023 | British Citizenship, UK Immigration

As an individual looking to apply or awaiting your UK citizenship, you may wonder whether it is possible to travel during this period. It’s a valid concern, as international travel plans are often a part of our lives. In this blog post, we will explore the topic of travelling while waiting for UK citizenship.

Can I Travel While Waiting for My UK Citizenship?

One of the most common questions individuals ask in obtaining UK citizenship is whether they can travel during this time. The answer is generally yes, with certain considerations.

Understanding Your Immigration Status

During the period of your application for UK citizenship, your immigration status may depend on your current visa or residence permit. If you hold a valid visa or leave to remain in the UK, you can generally travel in and out of the country per your visa’s conditions. If you are considering British Citizenship by Naturalisation, you likely have indefinite leave to remain, or EU-settled status.

Travelling Outside the UK

If you choose to travel outside the UK while waiting for your citizenship application to be processed, you must ensure that you meet the requirements for re-entry into the country. This may include having valid permission to return, such as Indefinite Leave to Remain

Impact on Your Citizenship Application

It’s worth noting that travelling while waiting for UK citizenship does not automatically affect your application process. One of the requirements for Naturalisation is that the applicant intends to make the UK their permanent home for the foreseeable future. Hence it is important to consider this as long absences may contradict this intention. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to ensure that you adhere to all immigration rules and comply with the conditions of your visa or residence permit. Failure to do so could potentially impact your application or future immigration endeavours.

How can we help?

Applying for citizenship does not have to be complicated; if you require assistance with your naturalisation application, feel free to contact our experienced team at 02087575751 or use our contact form

Frequently asked questions 

How long is the processing time?

You’ll usually get a decision within 6 months – some applications can take longer. 

Can I fast-track my application?

Unfortunately, there is no way to fast track applications.

When does the UK Citizenship processing time begin?

After an applicant’s biometric information has been submitted.

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