New Minimum Income Requirement for Families Announced £29,000

by | Dec 22, 2023 | Indefinite Leave to Remain, Partner & Family Visa, UK Immigration

In continuation of the Home Office’s recent efforts to reduce net migration, additional information has been unveiled today concerning the minimum income requirement for families of British citizens and settled individuals. These new details provide clarity and direction regarding crucial changes in visa criteria aimed at shaping family migration in the UK.

The following are the key points:

Continuation of Current Criteria:

Applicants with existing family visas in the five-year partner route or those applying before the income requirement change won’t be affected. This also includes children seeking to join or accompany their parents.

Those granted a fianc(é)e visa before the income threshold increase will adhere to the existing income criteria when applying for a family visa within the same route.

New Income Requirement for Switching Visas:

Individuals on different visas in the UK wanting to switch to the five-year partner route post the income requirement increase must meet the new income criteria.

Gradual Increase in Minimum Income for Family Visas:

The plan involves incrementally raising the minimum income for family visas to align with the £38,700 minimum salary for Skilled Workers.

The increments will start in Spring 2024, bringing the new minimum income requirement to £29,000 and progress to the 40th percentile (£34,500) and finally match the General Skilled Worker threshold at £38,700. This staged increase aims to ensure sponsors under the five-year partner route can financially support their dependents in the UK. 

Equality in Income Assessment:

The minimum income requirement will no longer have a separate consideration for children.

This change ensures fairness between British nationals and migrants meeting the General Skilled Worker threshold, assessing both groups under a flat rate regardless of sponsoring children.

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