OCI Documents Required: Marriage Certificate

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Despite a vast amount of information available online, the OCI documents required can sometimes cause confusion. In this article we consider a UK marriage certificate and its applicability when applying for an OCI from the United Kingdom. Also, what are the correct requirements when providing an official marriage certificate along with your application?

Importance of OCI Documents Required

Firstly, an OCI card provides several advantages to individuals of Indian origin residing abroad. It grants them multiple-entry, multi-purpose lifelong visa-free travel to India. As well as the ability to live and work in the country without any restrictions. Furthermore, OCI cardholders enjoy various privileges such as the right to own property, access to educational institutions, and economic benefits.

The status of obtaining an OCI, has to be established with proof of Indian Origin. Along with other documentation outlined and dependent on route of applying.

To avail of these benefits, it is crucial to submit the necessary documents correctly during the application process. In the case of married individuals, providing a UK marriage certificate is essential. The main purpose being to establish the spousal relationship dependent on your marital status.

For example, you are a British citizen, applying on the basis of your parents Indian origin. You were married in the UK.

A UK Marriage Certificate : OCI Documents Required

Similarly, to apply for OCI status (Overseas Citizen of India) as a married individual, it is essential to provide the name of your spouse. This requirement stems from the fact that the name of your spouse will be endorsed on your OCI card. This necessitates proof of the relationship. The types of proof involve;

  • Valid passport of spouse,
  • Valid marriage certificate establishing your relationship.

Apart from an official marriage certificate, you must also make sure that the marriage certificate is provided in the prescribed format. This means;

  • A post dated marriage certificate from a country other than the UK, may need to be further legalized by the issuing authority for it to be accepted.
  • An official UK marriage certificate for an applicant applying for OCI from the UK, may not need to be further legalized/apostilled by the issuing authority.

Ensure that your OCI documents adhere to the application process requirements. It is essential that your supporting documents are accompanied by the appropriate apostille or additional legalization, as per the specified guidelines.

OCI Documents Required Marriage Certificate
OCI Documents Required Marriage Certificate

Prescribed Format for OCI Documents Required

An application without all the required supporting documents uploaded online will not be accepted. You must upload all required documents on the government website as listed. Documents must be clearly scanned. 

Whilst printing your application form, you must ensure that you print each and every page of the entire application form. This means from top to bottom on single-sided paper. Double-sided printed applications may lead to delays in processing or a refusal.

In order to ensure the completeness and authenticity of your OCI application, it is crucial to pay attention to the document legalization requirements. These guidelines specify that the supporting documents submitted must adhere to the prescribed format. Additionally, it should be noted that certain documents, particularly those with post-dated information, may necessitate additional measures such as Apostille or notarization by the issuing authority in order to be recognized as valid. Such procedures guarantee the reliability and credibility of the provided documentation.

Post – Dated

Post-dated documents, in various contexts, such as legal or financial arrangements, this means that the date recorded on the document is a later date than the actual date when the document was created or signed.

Letter of Authentication Legalizing The Document By Issuing Authority

In some cases, a certificate that requires to be legalized, the issuing authority may not directly stamp the actual certificate. In this instance, the issuing authority will provide a corresponding letter of official authentication with the certificate validating it.

Other OCI Uses : Indian Banking

In light of the recent due process conducted by Indian banks for Foreign Citizens holding NRO and NRE accounts, it may become necessary to provide updated information in accordance with existing KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. One such requirement pertains to furnishing Proof of Indian Origin. Although this documentation has been an integral part of the KYC process, it is now becoming increasingly important for individuals to provide updated information on a periodic basis.

Likewise, in the case of Foreign Citizens holding Indian bank accounts, it is possible that you may be requested to provide evidence of your Indian origin if the bank does not already have records on file for you. This may be achieved by supplying documents such as:

  • A copy of your OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) status

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