When applying for a spouse visa to live with your partner in the UK, you can use pension income to prove that you meet the financial requirement. You and your partner must have a combined income of at least £18,600 a year. You will need extra money if you have children who are not British citizens, do not have pre-settled status or do not have ILR in the UK. You will need to earn an extra £3,800 a year for your first child and £2,400 a year for each child you have after your first child. 

The minimum income financial requirement applies to new entry clearance spouse visa applications, visa extensions and applications for indefinite leave to remain. This post discusses how you can satisfy the UK Spouse Visa financial requirement with pension income. 

Meeting the financial requirement through pension income

To be able to use pension income for your spouse visa application, you must receive regular income from your pension as opposed to a pension pot that you cannot yet access. 

The gross annual income from any state (whether UK basic state pension and additional or second state pension or pension received from an overseas pension authority) or private pension received by either the applicant partner or the sponsoring partner can be counted towards meeting the minimum income threshold. The pension income must have become a source of income at least 28 days before the date of application.

Spouse applications can rely on whole or part of the income derived from pension sources to meet the minimum income threshold under the five-year Spouse route under Appendix FM. Pension income can be combined with income from employment income, non-employment income such as property rental income or cash savings to satisfy the financial requirement. 


Adam has been working in the private oil sector in South Africa for 15 years. He is retiring and wishes to return to the UK with his wife and young daughter. On 1 July 2023, he will receive his pension, which provides a gross annual income of £28,000. From 1 Jul 2023, he can use this pension to meet the financial requirement. 

Pension Evidence for UK Spouse Visa

You must provide official documentation from the pension provider confirming the entitlement to the pension and the amount. This may include official documentation from Work and Pensions or other government departments or agencies, a veterans agency, an overseas pension authority or a third-party pension company.

You must also provide a bank statement dated 12 months before your application showing receipt of the pension. The bank statement must be in your or your partner’s name, demonstrating that it is a regular source of income.

Where you are relying on both pension income and cash savings liquidated from the same pension fund/account, the specified evidence relating to the pension income will also need to show the withdrawal.

UK Spouse Visa Advice

Our immigration advisers regularly assist foreign national spouses in relocating and settling in the UK with their families. The financial requirement rules are complex and include mandatory requirements in the documentary evidence that must be provided to demonstrate access to the relevant funds.

Our UK spouse visa lawyers can provide a no-obligation assessment of your prospects of qualifying for a spouse visa, professional advice, or assistance with preparing a spouse visa application. 

At Whytecroft Ford, we know that accurate and timely advice could make all the difference in the world. We are a highly driven professional team that provides clear and reliable immigration advice to individuals applying for a UK Spouse Visa. We apply our extensive knowledge and expertise to meet our client’s needs.

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