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Spouse visa interviews are conducted for the sole purpose of establishing whether your marriage is genuine and not entered into just for immigration purposes. The UK Visas and Immigration caseworkers will pinpoint anything which might indicate that your marriage may be a sham marriage. And the Home Office is well known for refusing visa applications regardless of the individual circumstances. 

If you have been asked to attend a Spouse Visa interview you must consider that your Immigration caseworker is not convinced that your marriage is genuine and the interview will be your opportunity to establish that your marriage is in fact genuine. It is perfectly normal to feel nervous, given the personal nature of the interview. Although this is a serious situation, there is no need to panic or get anxious. You must maintain an organised approach and prepare yourself for the interview.

Why am I being called for a Spouse Visa interview?

The Entry Clearance Officer’s decision to call you for an interview will be based on the factual evidence that you provide or sometimes lack of evidence thereof. Sometimes, other factors such as a quick proposal or a poor financial situation, previous visa refusals or previously sponsoring another spouse or partner to enter the UK may raise some concerns for the ECO caseworker. Your application may be refused in case there are inconsistencies between the answers given in the interview and the documentation that you have submitted.

What kind of questions are asked in a UK Spouse Visa interview?

The UKVI officials will ask you questions that revolve around your relationship to establish genuineness. And although most interviews don’t last for a long period of time, it is always a good idea to prepare in advance. If you are working with a good Immigration Lawyer, they should help you practice by running mock interviews to help you get comfortable with the entire process. The following is a sample of questions the UKVI Caseworker may ask:

  1. Is this your first application for a UK Visa?
  2. Have you ever applied for a visa to another country?
  3. Have you ever been refused a visa?
  4. When and where did you first meet your husband/wife?
  5. How do you stay in contact with your Spouse?
  6. Describe your marriage proposal?
  7. What religion are you and your partner?
  8. What are your husband’s/wife’s hobbies?
  9. Have you met your spouse’s family and friends? What are they like?
  10. Why did you marry your spouse?

What Documents should I take with me to the interview?

The interviewer will have a copy of the documents you have submitted along with your application, however, it is always a good idea to take with you those documents and any new evidence in support of your application. Some of your documents will include:

  1. Your current passport;
  2. Evidence of your sponsors status in the UK, i.e. British passport of Indefinite Leave to Remain card;
  3. Your marriage certificate;
  4. Details of your accommodation in the UK;
  5. Bank statements and details of your salary showing your sponsoring spouse meet the minimum income threshold;
  6. Details of any dependants who are also joining you in the UK;
  7. Details of the countries outside the UK you’ve lived in and visited.

The documents required in support of your UK visa application will depend on your personal circumstances and may differ from applicant to applicant. Most importantly you should give the Entry Clearance Office an impression that you are organised and are aware of your documents.

UK Spouse/Partner Visa interview tips

Being mindful of the situation and having an organised approach will avoid any mishaps, ultimately leading to a successful interview. From our experience we have gathered some tips for applicants:

  1. Arrive early for your interview. Arriving late to an interview will create a negative impression.
  2. Don’t forget to update your social media accounts to reflect your relationship status. 
  3. Keep collecting evidence of your relationship until your Spouse Visa is approved.
  4. Take all of your documents to your interview including new evidence that proves you are a genuine couple such as plane tickets, hotel bookings, holiday photographs, etc. 
  5. Dress formally and maintain appropriate eye contact during your interview. 
  6. Do not take too much time while answering the Immigration Officers questions. 
  7. Do not offer unnecessary information. The ECO official is only looking for clear and concise information. 

Can I avoid getting called for a Spouse Visa Interview?

It is important that you do not give the Immigration caseworker reviewing your Spouse or Partner Visa application any reason whatsoever to doubt that your relationship is not genuine. And even though your relationship is genuine, missing out on providing crucial information or evidence may cast doubts on your situation. 

A good immigration lawyer will help you prepare and submit your application in a manner that prevents caseworkers from making errors. Therefore by investing in sound legal advice and representation you can ensure that your application is successful and reduce your chances of being called for an interview. Even if you are called for an interview you can be prepared and confident with the assistance of a professional Immigration advisor. 

At Whytecroft Ford, we ensure that we provide a high quality of service and support our clients every step of the way giving them a seamless experience. 

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