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by | Mar 23, 2022 | Partner & Family Visa, Student Visa, UK Immigration, Visitor Visa

On 13 March 2022, the UKVI will prioritize applications submitted under the Ukrainian Family Scheme in order to assist those fleeing the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. As a result, applications for study, work and family visas made outside the UK may take longer to process. Further, The UK government will suspend ‘priority’ and ‘super priority’ visa services for applicants of study, work, and family visas. 

Standard visitor visas and transit visas are currently taking an average of 6 weeks to process. The UKVI have mentioned that they are working hard to process applications to get back to the 3-week service standard. 

Your visa processing time from inside the UK will depend on which category you are applying for and whether you have/can opt for Priority Services.

When your application’s waiting time starts and ends

Once you’ve submitted your application online, the waiting time starts when you either:

  • attend your appointment and provide your fingerprints and a photograph (biometric information) at a visa application centre for your BRP Card, or
  • verify your identity using the UK Immigration: ID Check app. This will depend on the visa you apply for and you’ll be advised if you can use this.

The waiting time will end when you get an email containing the decision on your application. This will explain what you need to do next.

When the application decision-making process is taking longer

You might wait longer for a decision if your application is not straightforward and more information is required before a decision is made, for example:

  • if your supporting documents need to be verified
  • if you need to attend an interview
  • because of your personal circumstances (for example if you have a criminal conviction)

If you applied for a priority or super priority visa and your application is not straightforward, you may have to wait longer, but your application will still be put at the front of the queue at every stage of the decision-making process. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I submit my UK visitor visa application outside my home country?

You can apply for a UK visit visa in any country, whether you are a resident there or not.

How long does it take for UK settlement visa processing?

According to the UKVI’s published service standard, 98.5% of settlement applications within 12 weeks of the application date and 100% within 24 weeks of the application date (where 1 week is 5 working days).

Can I track my UK visa application?

You cannot currently track your individual visa application online, however, you can contact UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) from inside or outside the UK.

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