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Frequently Asked Questions

I need a Power of Attorney to sell my property in India, can you help?

We will draft a complete Indian Power of Attorney based on your requirements. Your POA will be drafted according to Indian Law and accepted anywhere in India.

Can I use a debit or credit card to make an online payment?

Payments can only be accepted in Pound Sterling GBP (£) using most credit and debit cards. If you wish to pay via bank transfer, please get in touch with us, and a member of our team will provide you with our bank details.

What are the different Indian POA service levels?

Experienced Indian legal consultants provide our POA Services. These include:

  • POA Pack Service – we draft a custom Indian power of attorney based on your requirements. You will receive a Legalisation Guidance Booklet explaining how to execute your POA correctly. Also included will be guidance on how to cancel your new POA along with a template ‘Deed of Revocation’.
  • POA Template – we draft a custom Indian POA document based on your situation.
  • Legalisation Guide – detailed guidance on the steps and documents you will need to execute your POA, including costs. Also included will be guidance on how to cancel your new POA along with a template ‘Deed of Revocation’.
  • Deed of Revocation – to legally cancel your Indian Power of Attorney, we will draft a custom Deed of Revocation document.
  • Assisted POA Pack – Our team members will work closely with you to draft your power of attorney and guide you through the process.

What happens after I make a payment?

You will see an on-screen payment confirmation. A member of our team will contact you to begin the chosen service.

If you have chosen any of our POA Pack Service, we send you a POA questionnaire along with a secure upload link to begin drafting your POA.

How will you draft my Indian Power of Attorney?

We send you a questionnaire. Through this questionnaire, we understand the nature and extent of powers you wish to give along with your and your attorney’s particulars.

What is the legalisation guidance booklet?

This guidance booklet consists of 7 steps explained over 20 plus pages detailing step-by-step the legal procedure of executing a valid power of attorney outside India. Details include procedure, documents, fees, what to expect and timelines at every stage.

Once you have finalised your draft power of attorney, all you need to do is complete the steps mentioned in the guide to validate your power of attorney for it to be accepted by the Indian authorities.

As a bonus, we include a ‘deed of revocation’ template in the guide, which can be used when you wish to cancel your new POA.

How will I receive my POA pack?

We take your online privacy and security seriously, so we send you the POA Pack via an easily accessible and secure link.

What will be the format of the POA Pack?

Your POA will be in word format (.doc), so you can customise the template. The guidance booklet will be sent to you in pdf format.

Do you provide Notarisation Services?

We are not a notary public so we cannot notarize your power of attorney.

Can I ask questions on Indian Law?

If you have any general questions about the service, we will be happy to answer them. Our Indian Power of Attorney Service is designed to be a one-off service,

If you require detailed Indian legal advice, you may opt for Indian Law Consultation.

Can I still use this service if I am a resident of Canada or USA?

Yes, the procedure for sending a power of attorney to India from abroad is the same for most countries.