Top 5 Mistakes – NRI PAN Card Application

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Below you’ll find a list of top 5 common mistakes that you can avoid when applying for your NRI PAN Card Application from abroad.

This article discusses frequent mistakes where NRI Individuals are attempting to apply for their PAN from abroad incorrectly. To provide some further clarity, our firm has detailed the most frequent issues that our clients seem to be coming across and therefore seek assistance in applying for their PAN Card from abroad.

We round up this article and discuss how to avoid the top 5 mistakes – NRI PAN Card application when you apply from any country. Whether you’re applying yourself or using a service as an NRI, OCI, Foreign Citizen you can ensure that these common mistakes can be avoided. By doing so, you have higher chances of a smoother PAN Card application.

Moving on to our Top 5 Mistakes, you may be applying from any country such as UK, USA, Canada, Germany and so on.

1. The Incorrect PAN Form

Firstly, as apparent as this may sound, this is a common and frequently overlooked mistake. The correct form to use when applying for your PAN Card as a NRI, OCI, Foreign Citizen is Form 49 AA. It is not Form 49A, that is to be used by Indian Nationals only.

Where you’ve happened to make a mistake and you began your application, you may pick up on areas on Form (49A) that are not relevant to you as you are a Non Indian National. You can avoid this mistake in your application by checking the Title of your form. At the top center it should state Form 49AA.

Here is an example of the actual form as it appears on paper version;

The form applicable to NRI, OCI, Foreign Citizen is Form 49AA. Make sure you use the correct form.

2. Mismatched Supporting Documents

Secondly, a simpler one but an easy one to overlook nonetheless. When you apply for your PAN Card as an NRI, OCI, Foreign Citizen, you should ensure that the information you provide on the application as well as your supporting documents should match. The supporting documents would be your ;

  • Proof of Identity, and
  • Proof of Address

Specifically, your name in proof of identity and proof of address should exactly match with your filled application form otherwise your application may be rejected.

Name in proof of identity and proof of address should
exactly match with the name in application.


3. Signatures not as required

Thirdly, not signing in the correct areas, missing signatures and even overwriting. You should ensure that you meet the signature requirements as instructed to do so on Form49AA. The signatures near the photograph sections you should pay particular attention to. It is better to double check your application before you prepare for it to be processed.

If there are mistakes made in your PAN application it would cause delays in you receiving your PAN Card as you would then need to correct the mistake. On occasion you may need to begin again depending on the processing portals further instructions. You can avoid this by re-checking where and how to sign on your PAN Card application.

4. AO Code

Fourthly, the AO Code. The AO Code(s) for Indian National and Non Indian National will be different. The AO Code is an important part of your PAN Card application. Your application will not be accepted without the correct AO Code which is an important aspect of PAN. You can read more on NRI PAN Card Application – AO Code in our previous segment.

Keep in mind, if you’re unsure of your AO Code, then you should take some time to revisit the required guidelines depending on which portal you apply from.

5. Missing Your Acknowledgement Number

Apart from the obvious areas to check before posting your completed NRI PAN Card Application, such as;

  • Your application has been completed by you as per the requirements in all places.
  • Your photographs have been fixed with glue correctly.
  • Signatures provided in the required areas.

(Those are some of the necessary parts to your PAN Card application)

Further, in our Top 5 and last but not least, highlights your Acknowledgement Number. What is the Acknowledgement Number?

The Acknowledgment Number is specifically applicable to an NRI PAN Card Application when applied for online. It is a 15 digit number that registers your application and provides you confirmation for the online process. Your Acknowledgement Number should be clearly “Superscribed” on the top of your envelope before the (To), postal address. This helps the portal to quickly identify your application for processing.

To summarise, the top 5 mistakes – NRI PAN Card Application, if you do not understand a certain area of the PAN form, perhaps consider revisiting the information and guidelines. Alternatively we may be able to assist – Whytecroft Ford NRI PAN Card application services.

Top 5 Mistakes - NRI PAN Card Application
Top 5 Mistakes – NRI PAN Card Application

Why You May Need An NRI PAN Card

If you’re wondering why I should consider obtaining my PAN card as a Foreign Citizen then you may want to read our other segment on – NRI PAN -Uses.

The information in this article, top 5 mistakes- would apply to OCI as well – Overseas Citizen of India.

As of 31st January, 2022 40.68 lakh OCI registration cards have been issued


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time limit to apply for NRI PAN Card once I begin?

Yes, you would need to complete your application within 30 days of registration.

What is the size of PAN card photographs?

3.5 cm x 2.5 cm

How long is the Acknowledgement Number in PAN Card Application?

The Acknowledgement Number is 15 digit

Do you provide assistance for NRI PAN Card application from any country?

Yes visit NRI PAN Card Application Service

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