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Does an NRI have to be in India to obtain PAN Card?

An NRI does not need to be in India to apply for their PAN Card. Apply NRI PAN from anywhere around the world.

The Government of India, Income Tax Department along with their respective partnered companies have made it more accessible for anyone including an NRI to apply for a PAN Card from anywhere around the world despite their country of residence.

The Income Tax Department Government of India has appointed two official companies that can process a PAN Card application once the required form and documents have been completed and submitted online by the NRI Individual.

For example; you are an NRI living in Switzerland and require a PAN Card to complete Indian property sale formalities in India.

You do not need to be in India to apply for your PAN Card. You can either use a company that can provide a PAN Card application service or you can apply online directly by following the set guidelines advised by the Income Tax Department, Government of India. Once you receive your PAN you simply provide that to your respective representatives or associated bodies completing the process on behalf of you in India.

The time to receive your PAN depends on the route adopted. Real Time Involved – PAN Card for NRI

Apply NRI pan from Anywhere
NRI PAN Application Services

Assessing NRI PAN Card application timeframe – actual time

When applying for your PAN Card from outside of India you should account for the complete time involved in the process of application to actually receiving your PAN, such as;

  • The time it takes you to locate and understand the official guidelines set out for NRI PAN Card application online.
  • The time it takes you to prepare your application, PAN Card photographs and supporting documents.
  • The time it takes you to obtain your PAN Card photographs as per the required size.
  • The time it takes you to fill in your PAN card application online.
  • The time it takes you to add final requirements on your PAN application after the online details have been completed, such as affixing photographs correctly, providing signatures in the correct manner on your form and so on.
  • The time it takes for your completed PAN Card application once posted to reach your chosen body in India from your destination country.
  • Once your PAN Card application is received by the chosen body in India, the processing time of 10-15 days would then apply until you receive your allotted PAN.

Fast Track PAN Service?

Unfortunately there are no fast track services for PAN card processing when you apply NRI PAN from anywhere around the world.

However the time involved in the preparation for submission can be substantially reduced if  an experienced and trusted representative or company is used in applying for a PAN Card from abroad. An experienced company would also be able to keep you informed of the progress status of your PAN application. Allowing you to continue with your day to day matters of importance.

Or, where you have a qualified and trusted representative in India that may improve timeframes as some of the above processes would be reduced due to being in India.

What are the two official providers that can process PAN Card?

To apply NRI PAN from anywhere, select from one of the official providers:

  1. Protean eGov (formally NSDL) is an Indian central securities depository situated in Pune, India. The official website can be found here — (formally 
  2. UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited (UTIITSL), formerly known as UTI Technology Services Limited (UTITSL), is a working Government-owned company. The official website can be found here —

What is the difference between the PAN Card application process between the two providers?

The difference between the two portals may be a comparative level of service and the range of services that they may be providing other than PAN Card. Unbiased, our firm has consistently preferred Protean eGov Technologies due to the number of successful PAN applications that have been approved for our clients.

(Alternatively, an individual may also seek assistance from a professional to help them with their NRI PAN application via the online portal or an NRI may apply for PAN via their local PAN center in India as per their locality).

It helps to consider your route.

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