Our NRI PAN Card E-Guide – Service, is specifically for Foreign Citizens (also known as NRI), OCI who require a PAN. (Application Type – Individual). The E-Guide provides step by step, guided, navigational assistance on how to apply online. Includes examples, from start to receiving your PAN. Depositary portal – Protean eGov.


Check you qualify to use this E-Guide before you purchase

  • You do not have an existing Permanent Account Number.
  • You’re a Foreign Citizen (also known as NRI), OCI, you can be based in any country.
  • You are a foreign passport holder (Non Indian passport).
  • Applicant Type – Individual.
  • Need some assistance in navigating your application.
  • Confident to use online services.
  • Confident to follow a step by step Guide.
  • Happy to factor in personal time to apply.

If you’ve answered yes, the E-Guide is suitable.


    If you are living outside of India and need a PAN card perhaps for Indian property sale or banking purposes, you do not need to be in India to apply. Your PAN can be obtained remotely. We provide a range of PAN Card application assistance services for Foreign Citizen. By using one of our services for example the NRI PAN Card E-Guide, you can follow the step by step depositary process and complete your PAN application online from any country. You can track the progress of your PAN application once submitted by you online. Thereafter, when you receive your PAN whether that is E-PAN or physical PAN, it is ready to use. You may provide a copy of your PAN to your representative or related authorities in India and continue with your ongoing matters.








    In addition, if you want to apply for PAN Card from abroad, it is not as complicated as some people might think. Although it depends on the route you adopt for the application stage. However, it must be done in accordance with the guidelines set out by Income Tax Department Government of India and the respective portal. It helps to ensure that there are no errors or delays caused by incorrect application filling.

    Depending on your country of residence it can be time consuming to find a service provider to assist you. In some cases services may or may not be readily available or may require you to visit in person. You may prefer some step by step assistance in preparing and submitting your application. Mandatory guidelines aside, not everyone has a lot of time to sift through the vast online PAN information. Applications can be delayed when not filled in correctly.

    If you need assistance with applying for your PAN Card online, our NRI PAN Card E-Guide is a service designed for Foreign Citizens. Our E-Guide has received “excellent service” reviews due to its comprehensive approach in navigating the PAN application process.

    If you wish to speak with our team we can assist you in English, Hindi, Punjabi or Urdu.


    Why PAN Card?

    Usually, a PAN Card maybe needed by an Foreign Citizen who may be going through Indian property matters such as sale, purchase, property related income or due to Indian bank process, there are a number of different reasons. One may need a PAN because they are:

      • outside of India due to personal or business-related reasons;
      • undergoing Indian property sale in India;
      • inherited money from family member;
      • have income that exceeds the allowed threshold;
      • require PAN for setting up account such as NRO, NRE.

      What happens after you order NRI PAN Card E-Guide Service?

      The NRI PAN Card E-Guide will be sent to you on email within 24 hours and you can begin the steps to obtain your PAN at your convenience.

      The E-Guide is in PDF format with smart layout for iphone, ipad and desktop use. To enlarge text simply expand the section using your fingertips outwards and drag areas. Follow the hyperlinks on the content page of the E-Guide to navigate step by step.

        What can a Foreign Citizen do with a PAN Card?

        The need for a PAN Card for India can arise for different reasons, such as:

        • Dealing with financial matters such as applying for a mortgage or managing a bank account(s);
        • Property matters such as selling, buying or managing a property;
        • To release funds from Indian bank accounts;
        • Perform the acts as required by banks, financial institutes and enter into contracts, stock trading, etc;
        • Company related or commercial matters.

        Navigate your PAN Application from abroad Confidently !


        What’s inside – NRI PAN Card E-Guide?


        Know Before You Apply

        The E-Guide includes Foreign Citizen PAN application process using Protean eGov online. PAN manadatory guidelines and preparatory steps to know before you apply online.


        How to apply online

        Step by step process on how to apply for Foreign Citizen PAN card using the portal online, highlighting particular areas as you apply.


        Image examples - Form 49AA & checklists

        Helpful image examples – useful cross reference, Form 49AA information and checklists that can be used to help progress your application.


        Email support

        Includes limited email support if you require further clarification before & during your application.


        E-Guide Faq's

        Read NRI PAN Card E-Guide Frequently Asked Questions.

        PAN READY – 2023/24

        Equip yourself better. Obtain your PAN in advance.

        Once you’ve read and understood the Foreign Citizen PAN online application guidelines, all you need to do is complete the steps in the E-Guide to apply for your PAN from any country. 

        As a bonus, we include ‘image examples and checklists’  in the guide which can be used as you apply online step by step at your own convenience. 



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