New PAN Application Video E-Guide Service

Step by Step Assistance at your convenience. Navigate the Depositary portal & apply for Foreign Citizen PAN from any location. A Video based E-Guide that assists through the process. Be PAN ready without having to be in India. Continue with your Indian matters confidently. Indian Property, Bank Accounts, Demat Accounts, Financial Affairs, Family Planning, Indian Administrative Requirements. For non Indian passport holders. Begin today.
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What is the PAN Video E-Guide Service?

Our application assistance for Individuals living outside of India has helped a number of Foreign Citizens without having to be in India.

The Video E-Guide is a remote service and can be accessed at any time. A follow along, step by step process with a video AI advisor. It helps you through the application process for your PAN in a step by step way. Via the Depositary Portal. You can begin your application from any location.

It may provide added confidence to help you navigate the process at your convenience. Includes helpful examples, checkpoints and guidance on preparing physical submission, cutting out some of the guesswork. Email support included.

 Some individuals find the process of application difficult despite the guidelines set out. If you do not have time to sift the vast information available online, this Guide can help. To use this E-Guide internet use would be required. You should also be happy to make an online application with step by step assistance independently.

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How does the Video E-Guide work?



  • Select our service and make payment.
  • Receive Video E-Guide login in 24 hours.
  • Read & watch Video E-Guide instructions.
  • Start your application step by step.
  • Apply using the depositary portal.
  • Guide expiry 10 days.
  • In coherence with the Depositary process.
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When ready to begin your appplication, follow the step by step process until completed with the onscreen virtual advisor. Pause, play and continue the guide when ever you need to. You can use the chapters in the Guide for easy navigation. Guide will pick up from where you left off, if you decide to continue later.

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Once submitted, depositary cross checks on details & processes. The ITD then carries out necessary process. If approved PAN is allotted. You’ll recieve E-PAN on your primary email address & physical PAN via post. You would be notified by the Depositary directly via email of your application progress until allotted PAN.

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  1. Reliable Internet Access
  2. Computer/Laptop/Mobile
  3. Supporting Documents
  4. x2 PAN Photographs
  5. Printer
  6. A4 Envelope

Average time

Estimated : 1 hour

This may vary and depends on the Applicant’s preparatory requirements as above.

What Our Clients Say

Here’s an illustration of our PAN E-Guide services. Client applied for PAN with added assistance using our text based E-Guide for New PAN for Foreign Citizen. We are happy to say that our Client found the services “excellent.” Find more on our reviews area.

What Our Clients Say

Here’s an illustration of our 1-2-1 PAN services. Tried to apply online but uncertain of the correct process for a Foreign Citizen. Sifted through vast sets of information & guidelines, despite links in India, unsure of Foreign Citizen PAN process. Whytecroft Ford assisted in their PAN application with a 1-2-1 preferred service. Our team is happy to say that the Client obtained PAN & continued with their property process in India. One less task to worry about from abroad. Find more on our reviews area.

What Our Clients Say

Here’s an illustration of our exsiting PAN Services. Held an existing PAN Card with personal details that required updating. Unable to proceed independently due to commitments & unable to travel to India. Through the preferred 1-2-1 Full Assistance service, Client was fully guided and recieved updated PAN in country of residence whilst they carried on with their professional commitments. Find more on our reviews area.


Click on the button and follow the steps to begin and recieve your Video E-Guide Login to start the process.