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UK citizens who are Indian by origin, also known as British Indians, maintain and inherit property as well as hold financial interests in India. It is also common for UK Indian’s to hold multiple asset interests in India.

In this segment we consider the importance of a PAN for a British Indian.

PAN & Financial Assets 

The Indian PAN is a regulatory requirement. It is applicable to any person who has financial matters in India. Whether you require a PAN depends on if you fall under the parameters outlined by the Government of India ITD. You can find further details on the ITD parameters in our article – What is a PAN. 

As an example, if you wish to open an NRO or NRE bank account you will need a PAN.

Further, it is understood that assets may include movable and immovable property. In such circumstances, your financial blanket may include Indian property that may be inherited or self purchased. For example; you inherit by way of gift or will, a family property. Or you may have bought Indian real estate in the form of commercial or residential assets yourself. Other examples would be bank accounts, share holdings, investment funds and other such assets. 

If you’re considering selling your Indian property you would need to ensure that you have a PAN. Your PAN would be required for the official process involved in property sale in India. Holding a PAN in most cases has become a mandatory requirement.

What is a PAN 

In our previous segments on PAN we have discussed a number of factors involving PAN for Overseas Indians. Such as what is a PAN Card, Form 49AA, Uses of PAN.

Below you will find key points of what a PAN is and its associated applications for a British Indian – Overseas Citizen.

  • The full form of PAN is Permanent Account Number.
  • PAN is a mandatory requirement for Indian Nationals as well as Overseas Indians.
  • PAN is a regulatory system of the Government of India, Income Tax Department.
  • Most financial matters in India require you to hold a PAN.
  • Overseas Citizens will apply for PAN using Form 49AA only.
  • You require a PAN if your income in India is above the exempt threshold P/A.
  • You require a PAN for inheritance, transfer and purchase of Indian property.
  • You require a PAN to open an Indian bank account.
  • You require a PAN if you have income in India that exceeds the exempt threshold.
  • You require a PAN for banking that exceeds INR 50,000 a day.
  • Your PAN once allotted is lifelong and has no valid til date. 

As you can see PAN is a mandatory requirement under the regulatory requirements of the ITD Gov.India.

How To Apply For Your PAN As A UK National

You can apply for your PAN from abroad and do not need to be in India to apply.

There are two official depositories that PAN can be applied through as per the official guidance of the Government of India, Income Tax Department.

  1. Protean eGov Technologies

In order to apply yourself, you must understand the guidelines and the requirements. It is advisable that you avoid mistakes. If you prefer to take assistance in your application we can assist you – Overseas Indian PAN application Services. 

Detailed below a brief overview of the requirements to apply for your PAN.

Online Application 

For the online application you require reliable internet access. Simultaneously, you would also need to familiarise yourself with the application process, guidelines and requirements. 

Supporting Documents 

As a Foreign Citizen applying as an Individual, you will provide a Proof of Identity and a Proof of Address. You can select which documents to provide from the acceptable list advised by the depositary. 

Attestation of Documents

In addition, depending on the documents, attestation could be required for some. Where necessary attestation from the High Commission of India in your country of residence.

Below are a few examples of supporting documents.

Supporting Documents Examples

  • Proof of Identity – passport copy pages
  • Proof of Address – Bank statement or OCI card pages

For the full list of acceptable documents visit the individual depositary site.

PAN photographs

For your PAN application you will need to provide x2 photographs as per the correct size of the Indian authorities. 

PAN photograph dimensions; 3.5 cm X 2.5 cm

Photograph Considerations

  • Your photographs should be recent.
  • Hair should be tied back and not covering your face.
  • Remove any eyewear for the photograph.
  • Consider lighter coloured clothing as your signature will be required on one photograph.
  • Ensure that you state PAN photographs and obtain the correct photograph dimensions.

Print & Post

Once the online section of your application has been prepared by you, you will print the Acknowledgement pdf. Thereon, once photographs, signatures and supporting documents have been attached you will then prepare your envelope to post. You must ensure that your PAN envelope is prepared as per the depositary instructions. 

Things To Consider When Posting

  • Strikes to the postal services may cause delays in the depositary receiving your application.
  • Using a courier service for faster delivery time to the depositary.

Receiving Your PAN

After submission of your application and receipt of your documents, the 10-15 days processing time applies. During the processing stages you may receive your E-PAN via your primary email address and your physical PAN will follow. The E-PAN will be ready to use.

PAN Card for British Indian-min
PAN Card for British Indian

Avoiding Errors – Examples

  • Avoid missing important information in the application guidelines.
  • Ensure your supporting documents are clear and readable.
  • Ensure your full name and not abbreviated name is displayed on your bank statement if you are providing it as a Proof of Address.
  • Ensure your payment card is ready for 3D secure.
  • Sign in the right places.

Other Scenarios – Use of PAN

To conclude our segment on PAN for British Indian, here is an example of other uses of PAN outside of the financial domain. PAN can sometimes be accepted in airport entry scenario where you may be assisting a family member. This varies and depends on state rules and regulations.

Require Assistance? If you don’t require full 1-2-1 assistance for your Foreign Citizen PAN application and are not sure on some parts of the online application, you may find NRI PAN Card E-Guide helpful. Reviewed as excellent by our clients.

Can I use an international debit or credit card to make payment for my PAN?

Yes you can.

I have made a mistake on my PAN application what should I do?

Get in touch with the depositary.

Should I use FORM 49A or FORM 49AA. I am an Overseas Citizen?


I do not know my AO Code?

Provide the AO Code under your jurisdiction area or revisit the guidelines for Overseas Citizens.

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