PAN Full Assistance Service – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for our PAN Full Assistance Services
What is the Full Assistance Service?

The Full Assistance service for PAN Card, provides guided 1-2-1 assistance in preparation of your PAN application, including your documentary portfolio required for submission in accordance with the depositary/Government of India requirements. You will be full assisted from start to receipt of your PAN Card in your country of residence.

Can I use your service from any country?

Our PAN services can be provided to most countries remotely.

Do I have to visit you in person?

The service is provided remotely using email and 1-2-1 telephone communcation. You do not require to visit in person.

I am a Foreign Citizen. Can you assist in obtaining my PAN from abroad?

Yes we can assist you. Our service is catered for assistance from abroad.

How much is Full Assistance Service for a New PAN?

Our fee is £200.

You will be responsible for any other associated costs such as; depositary processing fee during your application (approximately INR 1017/GBP12-13), photographs, postal/courier charges in relation to your submission to the depositary from your country of residence etcetera.

I have attempted to apply for PAN myself but unable to do so. Can you assist?

Our Full Service Assistance fee for new PAN for a Foreign Citizen is £200.

Can you assist with multiple PAN application assistance?

Yes we can. Our Full Assitance fee will apply per applicaton. Each application is prepared upon individual merit. Our fee per application is £200.

How can I confirm Full Assistance Service for my PAN application?

You can make payment here. Once your payment has been received a member of our team will be in touch and guide you through the next steps to begin.

What happens after I make payment for PAN Full Assistance Service?

A member of our team will be in touch in 24 -48 hours with the next steps to begin your application(s).

What about PAN photographs?

You will require to obtain your own PAN photographs. Our advisor will guide you on how to do this during the service.

How long will it take to receive my PAN Card?

Once your application is received by the depositary in India, it will be checked and processed. Providing your application is in order it will take between 10-15 days for your PAN Card to be received.

Our Full Assistance service requires 5-7 working days for your application to be prepared and readied for submission. This predominantly depends on how quickly you provide us with the requested information after engagement of our service.

How long is the process of your Full Assistance?

Our Full Assistance service requires 5-7 working days for your application to be prepared and readied for submission. This predominantly depends on how quickly you provide us with the requested information once you engage our firm.

Do you provide a fast track service?

We can offer a service that offers a shorter application preparation time. This again depends on how soon you provide us the requested information once you engage our services. 

If you require a faster service for preparation of your application our fee is £300. Please contact us should you require further services.

Please note, the courier delivery time and depositary processing time of 10-15 days will remain the same.

If I am unsure of my documents to be submitted. Can you help?

Our service includes full guidance and assistance in PAN application documents to be submitted.

If I do not have some of the requirements for the application. What happens?

Our advisor will work with you to guide you on the requirements for preparing your application. Until the full information is provided by you, your online application process will not begin by us.

What are your Full Service PAN assistance terms and conditions?

Please visit the following link – PAN application services terms and conditions

What about E-PAN?

Once submitted and approved your PAN application will include E-PAN and physical PAN Card. Until further updates by Government of India.

How will I receive my E-PAN?

Your primary email address provided in your PAN application.

How will I receive my physical PAN Card?

You will receive your physical PAN Card on the primary correspondence address provided in your PAN application. 

Our firm will continue to keep you updated on the status of your PAN application and delivery of your physical card.

What if I change my mind once I opt for your service?

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions of service prior to engaging our firm. 

PAN Application Services Terms and Conditions 

What about your E-Guide Service?

If you require partial assistance our PAN Card E-Guide service is a self guided service catered for individuals that can navigate their application using a Guide. The Guide is a comprehensive step step set of information that helps you confidently navigate through.

What about other associated costs?

Our professional fee does not include other associated costs such as, PAN photographs, Gov.In application processing fee, courier charges etcetera.

Once you engage our firm for your PAN requirements, your advisor will make suitable recommendations to assist you in obtaining the requirements.