Our PAN CARD Full Application Assistance Service is for anyone that needs to obtain a PAN from abroad. Require assistance in applying via the depositary, unsuccessful attempts OR unsure of particular areas despite the guidelines. We can assist you, 1-2-1, full assistance in your application, preparation of documentary portfolio and guided submission until you receive your PAN. Assistance can be provided to most countries.

Why Assistance?


  • Difficulty in navigating the application process
  • Unsure of Form 49AA, documents section, photographs & signatures
  • Have questions as you apply
  • Difficulty in guidelines
  • Unsuccessful attempts
  • Short of personal time to apply from abroad
  • Prefer guided assistance

If you are living outside of India and need a PAN card perhaps for Indian property sale or banking purposes, you do not need to be in India to apply. Your PAN can be obtained remotely. We provide a range of PAN Card application assistance services for Foreign Citizen.

By using one of our services for example the Full Assistance Service, your PAN can be obtained from abroad with guided assistance.








In addition, if you want to apply for PAN Card from abroad, it is not as complicated as some people might think. Although it depends on the route you adopt for the application stage. However, it must be done in accordance with the guidelines set out by Income Tax Department Government of India. It helps to ensure that there are no errors or delays caused by shortfalls in application.

With the exception of mandatory guidelines, not everyone has a lot of time to sift through the vast online PAN information. Applications can be rejected when not filled in correctly.

If you need assistance in applying for your PAN Card online, our Full Assistance Service is a service designed for Foreign Citizens. See what some of our Clients have said about our service below.

If you wish to speak with our team we can assist you in English, Hindi, Punjabi or Urdu.


Why PAN Card?

One may need a PAN because:

    • Required by the parameters of the Government of India;
    • Outside of India due to personal or business-related reasons;
    • Undergoing Indian property sale in India;
    • Inherited money from family member;
    • Have income that exceeds the allowed threshold;
    • Require PAN for setting up account such as NRO, NRE.

    What happens after you confirm our Full Assistance PAN Service?

    Once you make payment, an advisor will be in touch within 24 – 48 hours to begin the process. You will be guided and informed of the next steps.

    Our Full Assistance Service is provided remotely. We will work with you 1-2-1 through, secure, document upload, email and telephone until your PAN is received by you.

      What can a Foreign Citizen do with a PAN Card?

      When equipped with PAN, you can:

      • Deal with financial matters such as applying for a mortgage or managing a bank account(s) NRO NRE;
      • Property matters such as selling, buying or managing a property;
      • To release funds from Indian bank accounts;
      • Perform the acts as required by banks, financial institutes and enter into contracts, stock trading, etc;
      • Company related or commercial matters.
      • Other Indian administrative/legal requirements

      1-2-1 PAN Application Assistance – Confidently !

      What’s does it Include?


      Full Application Preparation

      Includes fully guided assistance in preparation of your PAN application according to the depositary requirements. Physical PAN and E-PAN.


      Documentary Portfolio

      Preparatory assistance to ensure your documents to be submitted are within the depositary requirements.



      Includes 1-2-1 full assistance with one of our allocated advisors. Working with you remotely via email and telephone from start to finish.


      PAN Full Assistance FAQs

      Read PAN Full Assistance – FAQs

      PAN READY – 2023/24

      Obtain your PAN in advance for;

      Sale of Indian Property

      Purchase of Indian Property

      Indian Bank Requirements

      Inheritance Matters

      Indian financial & administrative matters

      Before Travel To India



      Verified Service Reviews 2023

      “Simplified a confusing process. Really pleased with the service and would highly recommend.” 

      “I am so grateful for Whytecroft Ford”

      Professional, reliable, helpful and communication was excellent at all times especially when problems arose. I will highly recommend them

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