In this section we consider the real time involved in PAN Card for NRI. Specifically, for an NRI and NRI OCI respectively known as “foreign citizen.”

What is the outlook on the entire process from start to finish if you apply online yourself or via a company using one of the approved portals?

“Every person who is required to file a return of income or intends to enter into an economic or financial transaction where quoting of PAN is mandatory must have a PAN.”


Assessing real time – PAN Card for NRI 

In particular, before you apply for your PAN Card for NRI from outside of India, you should account for the complete time involved in the process of application to actually receiving your PAN Card. 

Typically a step by step process has to be accounted for to provide an estimated timeframe. 

First and foremost, set aside some time.

The points of reference below may be used as an illustration of a NRI’s application process when applying yourself;

  1. The time it takes you to locate and understand the official guidelines set out for NRI PAN Card application online. 
  2. Selecting which portal you want to apply from and further understanding subsequent guidelines of the portal.
  3. The time it takes you to prepare your application PAN Card photographs and supporting documents.
  4. The time it takes you to obtain your PAN Card photographs as per the required size.
  5. The time it takes you to fill in your PAN card application online.
  6. The time it takes you to add final requirements on your PAN application after the online details have been completed, such as affixing photographs correctly, providing signatures in the correct manner on your form and so on.
  7. The time it takes for your completed PAN Card application once posted to reach your chosen body in India from your destination country.
  8. Once your PAN Card application is received by the chosen body in India, the processing time of 10-15 days would then apply until you receive your allotted PAN.

Evidently, the time frame involved can be more than 10-15 days. 

“Application Preparation & Submission”

If you require a time efficient solution then you may consider obtaining assistance from an experienced representative or firm. NRI PAN Card Services 

In brief we explore some of the listed 7 points below.

Understand & know the PAN Guidelines

Firstly you would need to read and understand the guidance set out by the Income Tax Department Government of India for NRI PAN card. They can be found on Income Tax Department – Government of India. Go through the PAN sections. If there is anything that you do not understand you should revisit that section before proceeding further.

Then, select between one of the two official portals to apply for your NRI PAN card. Equally important, you would need to go through their guidelines and process in the same manner. 

Average time : 1-2 days (variable)

Preparatory process

Once you have gone through the mandatory guidelines, you can then prepare to apply for your PAN Card. Preparatory steps would include, finding and booking service for PAN card photographs, gathering your documents according to the PAN documents list and registering on the portal ready to apply. Some of these steps can be completed as the application progresses.

Average time: 1-7 days (variable)


We may be able to substantially reduce the preparation and submission time.

NRI PAN Card E-Guide Service

Starting & completing your application online

Accordingly, you would then begin your PAN application online. For example, if the Protean eGov portal is used, you have 30 days to complete your application once registered. However, you only have a further 15 days to send your completed application to them once you submit online/ready to print. You will require reliable internet access and a printer. 

Average time: initially up to 30 days to apply and then 15 days to post. Applicant time taken would be dependent on applicant (variable).

Adding final requirements to your application

At this stage, you would then have 15 days to print and complete the final requirements of your printed PAN application such as, placing photographs in the correct spaces, signature’s to be provided in line with the guidelines. The time involved is dependent again on the applicant.

Average time: time allowed up to 15 days, you may give or take less (variable)

Sending your completed application to India as per guidelines

Finally, once you have prepared your PAN application again as per the guidelines set out and mandatory requirements, you post your application to India. For example, Protean eGov Technologies – Pune. The time it takes for them to receive your application in order to begin processing depends on two main considerations. Firstly, the postal or courier service you use and secondly, the speed at which they can deliver. 


Lastly, 10-15 days processing period 

The typical time for the selected portal to check and process your PAN application is 10 -15 days. This timeframe is based on the Protean eGov timeframe. Usually, an E-PAN is received by the applicant by email along with their physical PAN card to the correspondence address provided during this time. However, this estimated time frame does not account for any delays brought about by the portal due to unforeseen backlog due to covid-19, unforeseen circumstances and so on.

As can be seen from the above illustration, the 10-15 day timeframe is subject to the application time in preparation for submission. 

The illustration also does not account for any further delays in PAN allotment due to avoidable errors made by an applicant or force majeure for example. Also, it does not account for any delays in obtaining your PAN photographs which can only be provided by a photographic service that is aware of Indian authorities requirements. 

I require an NRI PAN Card and have limited time to apply myself. Can you assist?

Yes, the steps in this illustration can be assisted, whereby you may consider using our range of PAN Card services according to your needs. By doing so, it would allow you to continue with other parts of the process and carry on with your day to day matters. You can view the list of services that we provide in the – Related Services section below.

We provide NRI PAN application services remotely, which means you would not need to travel. We can assist from wherever you are located in the world. Our firm provides UK based advisor service for NRI PAN. However, you would need to obtain your own PAN photographs and be able to post/courier your application yourself once prepared by us.

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