Requirements – PAN Card Address Change

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If you hold an existing PAN you may need to update your personal information such as your address. In this segment we look at the requirements for PAN Card address change.

Beginning with whether or not an application to update your existing PAN can be carried out from abroad?

Yes you can apply to update your existing PAN without having to be in India in person providing there aren’t discrepancies in your existing PAN information. Such as incorrect personal information detailed in your PAN. In such cases you would apply for correction to PAN.

That being said, let’s consider some reasons why you may wish to update your existing PAN.

Keeping in mind, the purpose or requirements to update an existing PAN can be different for each person. The common denominator across the board is to facilitate a more efficient process. For example in a property sale, your PAN will be necessary to be added into the official legal requirements of the sale. Subsequently, attached to legal paperwork. In some cases where you do not have a PAN or your existing PAN needs updating, it may cause delays to sale completion.

Purpose – PAN Card Address Change

Sale of Indian Property ie, deeds, no objection, agreements, mutation process etcetera
Repatriation of Sale Proceeds
Gifts & Inheritances
Filing Income Tax & subsequent rebates
Indian legal affairs

Paying particular emphasis on property sale, in relation to sale or purchase of an immovable asset a PAN is required. For inheritance and gifts the same applies. You will benefit if your PAN is up to date for your immovable asset(s) in India. It can avoid unnecessary delays to your matters when the need arises.

Now we look at some points to consider when applying for changes to your existing PAN before you begin;

Points To Consider

  • You hold an existing PAN – Permanent Account Number.
  • You know your existing Permanent Account Number.
  • You can provide supporting documents from the acceptable list of documents.
  • You must select between one of the two depositary.
  • You will require x2 PAN photographs of the correct dimension.
  • You are confident with the guidelines.

However, if you have misplaced or lost your PAN, despite holding an existing PAN you may not be able to make changes without requesting a replacement to be issued.

Moving forward lets take a look at the difference in Foreign Citizen and Indian National PAN process required to update a PAN.

This segment details the process of application for Protean eGov portal specifically.

Foreign Citizen or Indian National – PAN Card Address Change

For a Foreign Citizen of India the application process required for updating your PAN is different from an Indian nationals.

The key difference is to ensure you state that you are not an Indian national during applying for changes. If you miss this vital part of your application you may incur delays in the process.

If you are a Foreign national you should ensure that when registering on the depositary site to apply that you select the appropriate areas of information. By doing so, Income Tax Department Government of India is notified that you are a Foreign National. Therefore, relevant policies will be applicable, some of which are different for an individual who is an Indian national.

If you are unsure of any part of the guidelines, it is advisable to seek assistance in order to avoid unnecessary delays.

Requirements - PAN Card Address Change
Requirements – PAN Card Address Change

Changes or Correction in existing PAN data

You will apply using the title, “Changes or Correction in existing PAN data.” This may also depend on your choice of depositary. You must ensure that you select the correct requirement. By doing so, the relevant information will be presented in the application.


Once the correct form has been selected on the portal, you will then proceed to completing the required formalities.

  • Completing your online and physical application.
  • New address or the relevant changes applied for.
  • Three supporting documents from the acceptable list of documents.
  • Attestation or certification of supporting documents where needed.
  • Processing fee.
  • Submission process.

Time frame

Prior to submission of application, it can take between 7-10 days to complete the application. However this is dependent on Individual merit. If attestation of a document is required you should factor in further time.

It can take between 10-15 days for the depositary and Income Tax Department to cross check and update your PAN. Providing there are no discrepancies or further requirements, the E-PAN will be sent to you. Your physical PAN will follow via postal services.

Attestation or Certification Of Supporting Documents

Lastly, you must ensure that your supporting documents, such as proof of address and proof identity are in the correct format. It is recommended to read and understand the guidelines for supporting documents before you begin.

Bear in mind once you begin, you have 30 days until your token number expires and 15 days to physically submit your application once an acknowledgement number has been generated. Amongst all of this, factoring in the time required to attest or certify a document should be given its due consideration of time.

PAN Ready

To summarize, once your application has been cross checked, approved and PAN updated by the depositary and the Income Tax Department, you will receive your updated E-PAN via email. To note, a physical PAN card would be provided where you select your preference at the time of application.

Should there be any discrepancy or issues with your submission you will be notified by the depositary and ITD.Gov.In.

If you need assistance with your PAN application or to update your existing PAN, we can assist – Application Assistance Services. PAN E-Guide.

More on our Full Assistance for PAN – Foreign Citizens, FAQs

Is a PAN mandatory?

A Permanent Account Number has been made compulsory for every transaction with the Income-tax Department.

Do I require a PAN if my property sale is over 90 Lakh?

Every person who is carrying on any business or profession whose total sale, turnover, or gross receipts are or is likely to exceed five lakh rupees in any previous year.

Is PAN required for DEMAT?

Opening of a demat account with a depository, participant, custodian of securities or any other person with SEBI.

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