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Indian POA Property Management

POA for NRI Property Management in India

In this post, we'll discuss the concept of a Power of Attorney, its relevance in the context of Indian property management, and how you can use it...
Indian POA

Indian Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal instrument that holds immense significance in India's legal landscape. It grants an individual the power to...
New PAN Application Video E-Guide Service

PAN Card India Document Attestation

For PAN Card India do supporting documents require attestation? If so what type of attestation, self, notary or Apostille? The Documents list

Update PAN Card from Resident to NRI

In continuation of our previous articles on updating your existing PAN Card, if you have financial matters in India you may already hold a PAN. We...
Requirements - PAN Card Address Change

Requirements – PAN Card Address Change

If you hold an existing PAN you may need to update your personal information such as your address. In this segment we look at the requirements for...
Indian Power of Attorney Explained

Indian Power of Attorney Explained

A Power of Attorney is a commonly used legal instrument for various purposes, such as managing finances, making real estate transactions, or...
Link Aadhaar PAN – Deadline 2023 NRI

Link Aadhaar PAN – Deadline 2023 NRI

If you are an NRI and are unsure whether you must link Aadhaar PAN, it is now a mandatory requirement. However with exception to those who fall...
PAN Card Status - Track PAN 2023

PAN Card Status – Track PAN 2023

When applying for your PAN Card, you should know what the different stages of your PAN Card Status indicate once your application is with the...
OCI Card Application Documents

OCI Card Application Documents 

This post explores the supporting documents needed for an OCI Card application and their significance in the application process.  The Overseas...
PAN Card for British Indian-min

PAN Card for British Indian

UK citizens who are Indian by origin, also known as British Indians, maintain and inherit property as well as hold financial interests in India. It...

PAN Card – 3D Secure

If you’re attempting to apply for your Overseas Citizen PAN card online, you may have come across intermittent issues when trying to make payment...

PAN Card –  Useful Information

In view of our last segments discussing PAN Card for NRI, OCI, we look at some further useful information that may apply to you. If you’ve missed...
NRO Account - NRI OCI Real Estate

NRO Account For NRI OCI Real Estate

The NRO Account for NRI OCI Real estate is an important aspect to consider when required in instances where you are; Acquiring or Selling property...
Non Resident Indian - OCI - PIO

Non Resident Indian, OCI, PIO

We detail some important aspects of the terms – Non Resident Indian, OCI, PIO in this article. Firstly, what is the size of the Indian diaspora...


Is there a difference between PAN application for an Indian National, NRI, Overseas Citizen of India, Foreign Citizen?  Yes there is. When...


“Including Overseas Citizen of Indian – Foreign Citizens” Continuing from What is a PAN Card. How to apply for NRI PAN?, in this section we further...


What is the full terminology – AO Code? AO Code is the short form of “Assessing Officer” (AO). “Although the Income Tax Department endeavours to...
New OCI Card Rules

OCI Card New Rules and Requirements

According to a recent change in law, the Government of India announced that Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholders are no longer required to...
UPLOADING 1 / 1 – New changes to OCI.jpg ATTACHMENT DETAILS New changes to OCI

Harsh changes for OCI holders by India

On 4 March, a notification was issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, India that changes the rights of OCI Cardholders otherwise known as Overseas...
NRI Family Property Partition Whytecroft Ford Indian Legal Services UK

NRI Family Property Partition

Partitioning a property entails dividing a property held by co-owners (also known as joint owners) or co-proprietors into individual portions.
Whytecroft Ford Indian Legal Services Will Succession Certificate

NRIs Inheriting Property in India

There is more than one way an NRI may inherit a property in India. This article explains what is a Will and a Succession Certificate.